How to apply for a place at XP and XP East

XP School Trust run two academically rigorous 11-19 mainstream secondary schools in Doncaster, UK called XP and XP East. They are situated next to each other to form a campus.

Both schools are deliberately sized with 250 students in Key Stages 3 and 4 for each school, with an additional 200 students catered for Post 16. Each school caters for ages 11-19, with 25 students in each class and two classes per year group. The schools are being rolled out over seven years, starting with XP’s Year 7 in 2014, achieving full capacity in 2020, and XP East starting Year 7 in 2017, achieving full capacity in 2023.

We welcome applications from all children residing in the postcodes of DN1 to DN12 and S64. It does not matter how close you live to the school. Admissions are determined by a random lottery administered independently by the Local Authority.

XP admissions policy

XP East admissions policy

Admissions for 2018

Applying for XP and XP East is through the normal Local Authority admissions process, detailed here:

For the best chance of gaining a place at an XP school, parents should add XP and XP East as their first and second choice. Please note: If you are not successful in gaining a place at an XP school, this DOES NOT affect your chance of getting a place at your third choice school. For clarity, you ARE NOT less likely to gain a place at your third choice school.

For further details, please contact Doncaster Council’s School Admissions Team on 01302 736000 or at

Please be aware that we have extremely high expectations for our parents as well as our students:

Waiting List for all years and Admissions for 2017

If you would like to enquire about admissions for 2017 and our waiting list, please contact Doncaster Council’s School Admissions Team on 01302 737204 or at

  1. Fiona flint

    What an absolutely amazing school, prospects and outlook my daughter it 8 years old and I will be hoping for her to be lucky enough to attend here.

    • Rebecca Cockram

      I have to agree. What a place, that allows children to learn in such a different way. What a place that is allowing the teachers to teach in their way too. So inspired. I also have an 8 year old Son whom I currently home school. I really do hope my child gets in here too when the time come. The values match ours completely and it is great that they also focus on the main GCSE’s too.

  2. Andrea Sheppard

    looks and sounds amazing, feeling very nervous about applying for schools for my now 10yr old son. will hopefully get a place here for september 19.
    looking forward to a look around and hear all about the school and its ethos.

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