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GD Book


This book was the final product of the year 7 expedition Grand Designs where students investigated ‘What in nature inspires us?’ and ‘Is there a design to nature?’. The book is a collection of the work students have done on the different species that exist at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve. Each student had to write a first person narrative, a fact file and produce a lino print on the species they were given.

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All of the lino prints that are in the Grand Designs book can be ordered with a mount. Please select the number of the image you would like from the drop down below before adding to your basket.


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WMASC product

This book contains extracts from our students’ work during the first learning expedition, “What Makes a Successful Community?”, which builds upon their Outward Bound experience in Wales. In pursuit of an answer to the guiding question, students wrote letters to politicians, community workers and faith leaders to ask for their views; they grappled with difficult, and sometimes unfathomable, texts to find answers and they represented these ideas both visually and in their written responses. Ultimately, they crafted this beautiful book.

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#WeareCrew Wristband

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