Our Executive Leadership Team

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The Executive Leadership Team


Gwyn ap Harri (CEO)

After working in technology and music, Gwyn became the Head of ICT at Hatfield Visual Arts College.

In 2006, Gwyn left full-time teaching to form realsmart.co.uk where he designed his innovative learning portfolio software, which is used in over 300 schools in the UK and around the world.

Gwyn has designed systems for the DfE and SSAT amongst others, using technology to underpin whole school improvement at a national scale.

In 2011, Gwyn achieved National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH), mentored by Andy Sprakes.

He is an Associate Governor of Green Top Primary school in Thorne where his two sons attend.


Andy Sprakes

Andy Sprakes (Executive Principal)

Andy was the Head Teacher of Campsmount Academy for eight years, and Deputy Head for four years prior to that.

He led Campsmount out of its fire disaster through its temporary accommodation within the town of Askern, to rebuilding the school and achieving record results at GCSE and A Level in 2013.

Andy is the co-founder of XP alongside Gwyn.